Caring for your Dog


We recommend your puppy be fed with the most premium food. We stock a large variety of puppy food for all breeds.


Once you have your puppy, you should take him/her to the vet within the first couple of days. Our staff can recommend a local vet if you do not already have one.


While at the vet clinic, ask the vet about desexing and at what age it is safest to have this procedure. (5-6months of age is typically recommended).


It is important to maintain a vaccination program. Although vaccinations do not stop disease, they help the puppy develop its immune system. Your puppy’s immune system will not be fully established until 2 weeks after its 3rd vaccination. Do not allow your puppy to leave safe areas, e.g your home/backyard, or come into contact with an unvaccinated dog until 2 weeks after the 3rd vaccination.


As a guide, your puppy should be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old, then every month until 6 months old, and then every 3 months for the rest of their life.


This killer disease is now present in every state and territory of mainland Australia. This disease is passed on through mosquitoes, so start a prevention program with your puppy

immediately. We can provide you with the information on the various treatment programs available. Never administer heartworm products without seeking advice first.


Fit your puppy with a collar within the first few days of coming home, so he/she quickly becomes accustomed to it. You can also begin to walk your new puppy around the backyard using a lead. Do this in short intervals until the puppy becomes used to the lead. As the puppy grows you will need to fit a new collar. Get a tag made with your puppy’s name, address and phone number.


Not only do fleas make your puppy itchy, they also have the ability to pass worms on to your puppy.



kills fleas on the pup, as well as preventing any unhatched eggs from hatching. This is one of the most convenient forms of flea control.



once other treatments have been applied, finish with combing your pets coat. This will remove all dead fleas, the unhatched eggs, dirt and larvae from the coat.



this will kill fleas and flea eggs that are living in your home. Fleas live and breed in your carpet, curtains, bedding and furniture. It is important that you read the instructions on the product before you start, as this must be used correctly.



please contact your local council for information on registering your new puppy. Micro chipping is essential for the safety of your puppy. For more information please contact your local vet. 

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Many pet stores sell animals from breeders or puppy farms. Here at Pets Warehouse Penrith we have decided to work with rescue groups to help save those animals who are in rescue groups or shelters. Please call the store on (02) 4733 8133 for animals available for adoption. CLICK HERE to find out more about the benefits of purchasing a rescue pet.

Dog Washing & Grooming

Dog Washing & Grooming

We offer dog washing and grooming services OR you can use our DIY Dog Washing machine - CLICK HERE for rates and more information.

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