Caring for your Cat


The transition to your home can be a stressful for your new kitten. Pre-planning can minimise the stress and help your kitten settle into your home. Kittens need plenty of rest and a nice warm, dry place of their own. Avoid excessive car travel, particularly in the first few weeks.

We recommend feeding your kitten Premium biscuits. We stock a large range of biscuits in store for all breeds of kittens & cats.


Once you have your kitten take him/her to the vet for a general health check. If you do not know a vet we can recommend a local vet.


Whilst at the clinic, ask the vet about desexing and at what age it is the safest to have this procedure.


As a guide, your kitten should be wormed every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old, then every month until 6 months old and then every 3 months for the rest of their life.


Heartworm is becoming more and more common in cats. Monthly treatments are available. These products will also treat fleas.


Not only do fleas make your kitten itchy they also give them worms. Monthly flea treatment is recommended.

A safety collar is best for your new kitten. As cats like to climb, they can often get themselves in tricky situations. The safety collar allows them to free themselves should they become entangled. Fit your kitten with a collar within the first few days of bringing them home so they become accustomed to it. Get a tag made with your kitten's name, phone number and address to help the return of kitten if lost. Extra bells on the collar will also help avoid stepping on your kitten and act as a preventative to bird catching if your cat is outside.


Please contact your local council for information on registering your new kitten. Microchipping is essential for the safety of your kitten. For more advice on microchipping please consult your local vet.


Place your kittens litter tray in a quiet spot that is easy for the kitten to locate. Remember to reward good behaviour. If any accidents occur clean them up immediately with an odour and stain remover.  

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Dog Washing & Grooming

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