Caring for your Bird


When you are selecting a cage for your bird, make sure that you choose one that will suit your bird’s requirements. Different birds have different cage requirements: ask us abotu the right cage for the bird you select.


A large variety of freshly packed seeds are available to feed your new bird. As well as normal seed, your bird needs specialised pellets or seed. Seed and pellets are only a part of a bird's diet, so for a bird to have a balanced diet, it must be given a vitamin and mineral supplement for the essential dietary ingredients that it would find if it was living in the natural world. You may also feed your bird fruits and vegetables. Some food such as avocado, chocolate and caffeine can be toxic to birds and should not be fed to them. It is important to be aware of your bird's specific dietary requirements as some birds are seed eaters, whilst others must be on a strictly nectar based diet.


If you are thinking of taming your bird, you ned to spend plenty of time with it. Purchasing a hand-tamed or hand-reared bird will take the hard work out of the early stages of training. In either case, spend plenty of time with your bird.


Many different species of birds are able to be taught how to speak. Repetition and spending plenty of time with your new bird will allow him/her to learn and develop.


Birds can contract worms just like any other animal. You should be worming your bird monthly to help prevent intestinal worms. Simply add the wormer to your bird's water.


Your new bird and its cage should be kept away from draughts and extreme temperature ranges. A kitchen is not a good place to keep your bird. It must be a comfortable temperature, and the bird should be kept away from hazards. Some birds are also happier with a mate. Be sure your cage size is appropriate for the number of birds.


There are a number of treatments that are essential for your bird to lead a healthy life.


  • SULPHER BASED REMEDY- formulated for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections and stress related diarrhoea problems in caged birds. Use for the first 3-5days, then as required.

  • VITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENT-  essential for caged and aviary birds to provide them with nutrients commonly found to be deficient in their diet. A vitamin and mineral supplement provides birds with the nutrients they would get if they were living in the wild.

  • MITE & LICE SPRAY- before using mite and lice spray be sure to remove all food and water from the cage. This spray controls feather mites and lice on caged birds. Spray the bird, the cage, their perches, and any secluded area where the mites could lay their eggs. This process should be done weekly.

  • WORMER- given to birds monthly to prevent worms

  • SHELL GRIT-  birds need to consume shell grit to help in the digestion of seed. If birds do not have the grit, then seed can often take a long time to be digested, and this may be harmful to your bird.

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