Caring for your Fish


Never put your fish straight into normal tap water, as this water can contain chlorine, chloramines and
heavy metals that could be extremely harmful to your fish. You will need to treat your tap water to to make it safe and turn it into aquarium water. Using either "Water Ager" or "Water Conditioner". This will need to be added every time you add more tap water. Adding a biological agent to your tank and testing the PH, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites & hardness will aid in maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. When you arrive home float the bag containing the fish in the tank water until the two are the same temperature (5-lOminutes) before releasing the fish into the aquarium. Remember do not touch the fish with your hands, as that damages their natural slime coating. Use a net if required.

Cleaning of your aquarium should take place regularly by using a gravel syphon. The gravel syphon helps to remove water and fish waste. Using a magnet cleaner will help to clean the glass. Remove any clean or dirty ornaments. Remove 1h the water and add fresh water. This water then needs to be treated with previous mentioned items. This can be done every 2-3 weeks if you have a good filter. Be sure to NEVER use chemicals or SOAPS when cleaning your fish tank & ornaments. When cleaning your filters, be sure to read all enclosed documentation that came with your filtration unit.

Only feed your fish very small amounts, and be careful not to overfeed them. It is a good guide to only feed your fish as much as they can eat within 30 seconds. Feeding your fish 1-2 times a day is fine. Different fish require different food. A live plant is certainly a useful addition to your tank, as they are a constant food source for your fish and are especially good to have in your tank when you are going on holidays. Alternatively automatic fish feeder will feed your fish 1 to 2 times daily while you are away.

Live plants are an alternative food source for your fish. They are a healthy vegetable source that helps to recycle the fish waste, adds oxygen to your tank. For your plants to remain healthy, they require plant food, natural light, and movement within the water. Weekly feeding the plant with plant food and making sure it has adequate lighting will ensure a thriving plant population.


Suitable aquarium lighting is required to create a natural light and promote healthy plant growth. To
enhance the colouring of your fish and appearance of your aquarium, choose the highest quality tube

Filtration systems greatly improve the water quality and reduce the overall tank maintenance, as they rid the water of solid, liquid and gas waste. By having a filter in your tank, you will not need to change the water quite as often as you would without one, and you will also be able to keep more fish in the same amount of water.

If you are planning on keeping tropical fish, a heater and a thermometer are essential, as the water needs to be kept at a constant temperature. All aquariums need to be placed on a flat surface. Tanks may crack due to their extreme weight if not positioned correctly.


In order to keep your fish in top condition, we recommend the following items:


  • Tank & stand

  • Water ager

  • Water conditioning salts

  • Biological aquarium booster

  • Test kit

  • Gravel/gravel cleaner

  • Fish food

  • Live plants/ plant food

  • Snails/ algae eating fish

  • Filter and filter material

  • Air pump/ accessories

  • Check valve

  • Heater/ thermometer

  • Lighting

  • Fish net/ ornaments/ background.

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